leaves on grass

by jfbrontosaurus

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released August 1, 2014



all rights reserved


jfbrontosaurus Bloomington, Indiana

4-tracking since the mid 90s.

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Track Name: cash info
my kids my god my head don't drink don't drive don't do anything there's too much risk we'll fall all over ourselves there's too much cling nostalgia weaves through our belts DON'T LET IT GET YOU we see future we just don't want help cuz you'll see through us and that just won't sit well
Track Name: human beings
is it that i'm crazy or is it that i'm a human being
is it that you don't lay off when you lay into me
going through the motions
going through the ranks
going through this life with more apathy than hate
Track Name: heavy shells
i give myself up to what the moment brings
i listen to the songs the singers sing
if the singer's honest, if you keep keeping me honest
i’ll do good work (honest) i’ll use my mind (honest)

just give it time this is me coming out of my shell
just give it time you don’t know me too well
just look at me and my tired eyes
i wanna sleep but when i wake I know i won’t feel right
i won’t feel right

you say free illusion, illusion in my mind
you say free resistance and you’ll feel alive
it’s hardcore being being all hard
you say it’s freeing, play your cards
Track Name: threads
you’ve got your eyes on what i’ve been doing
and i’ve got my eyes on you
you say bad things are gonna happen
and they’re gonna happen soon
well i know that i’ve not been trying
and i know that’s no excuse
i’ve just been hanging on by threads
when i should be hanging on to you
Track Name: buried alive
i think it's time to run
no, i think it's time to hide
cuz all these songs that i've sung
they're buried alive
and i tell you this in confidence
i tell you this in trust
cause it's you who i'm thinking of
it's you i want to know
Track Name: tiny teeth
baby with tiny teeth has the answers
"i'll bite your knee, i'll get your attention"
had a dream i was the tiny dancer
i knew things, things in life i don't

just let me get loud and sing around my feelings
i used to be round but now i'm a ball of static
i sing i want want i want but i don't know how
you sing you want what you want but you don't know how
we could fight through this fog but we'd both rather lie down
with your heads in the cloud with our heads...

think i might go and sign a petition
cause all my friends are signing petitions
and i got dirt on every digit on my keyboard
to show you how busy i've been